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Go Above and Beyond!!!

As a customer advocate, I always wonder what this actually means, it is overworked long hours trying to comply with all the customer’s whims and wants. What is it really? After 10 years of experience, I think it is working smart in favor of your customers. Yes, it sounds simple but not quite.  Let me tell you about it.

  1. Listen to your customers or users. make an inventory of your listening posts or points of interactions, mots of the time  businesses loss valuable information because they don’t have a formal process to collect user/customer feedback
  2. Map out the journey by persona, yes it is time-consuming today, but it will save a lot more time in the long run, why? mainly because you are anticipating the future state of your application or process
  3. Collect as much data as possible, combining your survey and your database, and drawing what it is called the 360 view of the customer

Pretty much these are the main points that you will find information on this website. and if you are interested in establishing a relationship send me an e-mail or add a comment

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