My long term goal: I’m a determined public speaker and a writer with outstanding technical knowledge, a specialist in meaningful connections with insatiable intellectual curiosity, and the experience and skills to deliver results. I have over six years of experience working as a Customer Experience and Analytics professional. A Data Analyst with a professional certification from Data Analyst Boot Camp at U of T, where I acquired technical skills such as programming in VBA, Python, and Tableau with newly acquired skills, and the ability to mine hidden patterns within structured and unstructured data.

My leadership style is leading by example and empowers others to become exceptional, feel part of the team, and be proud of their work. A leader that can get quality results, as being a part of a group or as an independent consultant. My energy comes from finding order in the chaos, connecting the dots, and creating meaningful connections.  I love to solve problems and remove barriers., discover plausible solutions.

My focus is on seeing the big picture, designing, and executing the overall CX strategy with meaningful connections.

My conviction is to deliver an exceptional and consistent customer service across all interactions with customers and, at the same time, identify those interactions that are exceptions or pain for the customers, feeding back all the knowledge into the organization to create meaningful connections.

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