Human Experience Evangelist

People come to me for advice:

It happens that I am a connector.

Today, most of my work comes from word of mouth, coworkers or previous colleagues. People come to me to do customer experience presentations, workshops or create thought leadership materials, and I prioritize the different requests until my calendar is full. With any spare time, I actively look for new technologies and important customer experience topics where I think I can add value. As a trend spotter I make connections on how the market conditions are affecting business strategy and tactics. I have abroad experience but my passion is in technology and companies in early stage or grow stage that are expanding to or from Latam- Latin America.

Enjoy helping people I learn all the time, and have hands on experience and using test and learn methodologies, I go down to the granular level of data to describe, analyze and recommend action plans. Data always tells appealing stories.

My passion is sharing knowledge, building meaningful relationships and be kind, grateful and compassionate to be able to build the future of human experience.

I create community by telling, showing and making people talk about it. Using my network on social media.

After practicing for over 10 years as a program manager, research and business analyst. I created a customer experience approach and framework:

TheCX Connector a virtual community helping businesses to find, compare and learn customer experience best practices all in one place with a simple process and great results.

Find content for inspiration on how to do things, best practices, speakers and get to know customer experience professionals.

Your community manager and facilitator, CX news commentator and curator, connecting virtual resources, technology and CX professionals all in one place

The Customer Experience Connector- CX Connector Journey that delivers:

A methodology to link revenue to customer experience value shows how cx is an investment for a long term strategy.
Gather customer insights to drive growth and deliver better services from a human perspective.
Shared knowledge with your organization to drive engagement and improve retention.

Since our inception, we’re proud to say that we have a long list of new clients in little time. We have virtual office hours for the customer experience community to answer questions first-come, first-served basis, accordingly with our availability.

Virtual support is free for clients that hire our services. To be transparent, it is not unlimited, see our term of use for more details.

We offer ‘Solutions for Success’ ! Set up a 30 minutes complementary call by booking and appointment with me. Looking forward to learning about you and helping your organization see business through a human experience lens.

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