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As a customer experience specialist, I build voice of the customer programs to compete and adapt to rapid market changes.

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Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%


Customer Experience is an investment. Let me show you what it means.

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Guidance you Can Use Today

As a Customer Experience Specialist (CX) I will guide you and you teams to implement customer experience best practices to build a sustainable voice of the customer program.

1. Discovery

A full day or 2-hours workshop to collect requirements and understand business goals and objective.

2. CX Roadmap

I deliver a sustainable voice of the customer program within a budget and a timeline.

3. Implement

I implement a sustainable program by collecting voice of the customer, establishing a governance, defining KPIs and providing recommendations and action plans.

Implementing Customer Experience

CX Fundamentals

All you need to know to start your Customer focus transformation through a 2-hours workshop, get a maturity level assessment, and a roadmap to complete your CX Connector journey.

Align CX Strategy

The next step is to align your CX strategy and business strategy. In a 2-hours workshop we create a customer strategy that aligns with your customer promise, brand values, and business strategy.

Engage for Adoption

The final step is to engage your people. Identify adoption drivers, and accountability gaps from the employee and customer point of view, a 2-hours Customer Journey workshop.