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CX Connector is a consulting practice. We serve early-stage and growth-stage companies in Canada and Latam. Compete, adapt and be flexible with a customer experience program. Show that your customer experience program is an investment. We offer what you are looking for the opportunity to grow and expand your business.

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Customer Experience Strategy

Go beyond profits. Understand and listen to customers and your team and set the stage to grow and compete with customer experience leaders. We can do it together, from the basics to a sustainable customer program that will grow with your business.

Customer Promise

Develop products and services with a human-centric approach. Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations on every interaction throughout the customer journey.


Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%.”

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment!

The key for your business success is a customer center culture. Reduce your risk of failure with a customer experience program.

CX is an investment. Let us show you what it means.

What Customers Say

“We are an early-stage company, we booked the modules from CX Connector, and we are changing our focus to be a customer-centric organization. Thanks, CX”.

Hosni Zoali CEO Tech Adaptika

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1. Fill in a Form

Complete a customer experience brief form or give us call. Your customer experience consultant will gladly discuss the project details with you. (Up to 30 minutes)

2. Get your CX Proposal

You will receive a customer experience proposal within 48 hours with a suggested roadmap tailored for your business stage, budget, and timeline.

3. Sign and Complete your Project

Once you have chosen your customer experience plan, we will prepare the contract and manage the project. Everything is done online with one-on-one virtual support.

Discover CX Connector Journey

CX Connector’s comprehensive customer journey modules leverage customer experience best practices and expertise. We help decision-makers and management to drive results. At the Grow Stage with the CX Connector journey, achieve business growth with a sustainable program, while wearing your human lens.

Early Stage

CX Connector is a program designed for your business that doesn’t have the budget or time to invest in a comprehensive customer experience program. Learn and implement the basics to start your journey of a customer-centric transformation.

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Learn CX Fundamentals


All you need to know to start your Customer Journey through a 2-hours workshop, get a maturity level assessment, and a roadmap to complete your CX Connector journey.

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Align CX Strategy

Module 2

The next step is to align your CX strategy. In a 2-hours workshop, you create a customer strategy that aligns with your customer promise, brand values, and business strategy.

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Engage for Adoption

Module 3

The final step in the early stage is to engage your people using s human lens perspective. Identify adoption, and accountability gaps from the employee and customer point of view, a 2-hours Customer Journey workshop.

You can book one or all the modules to start your CX Connector Journey.

Grow Stage

Book a call! Continue your path to success. These modules are all about your customer experience continuous improvement. After completing all the steps, you will have a sustainable program and the tools to see your business through human experience.

Customer Listening

Module 4

Welcome to the growth stage!. The first step in the grow-stage is to create or redesign a Voice of the Customer program, collect surveys, action feedback, and close loop processes. You will receive a formal report, a plan, and one-hour consultation to review findings, make recommendations, and develop the next actions.

Customer’s Economics

Module 5

Congrats, you are collecting customer feedback!. Now it is time to measure your performance, you will get an insightful data inventory to identify gaps on your KPIs, understand Net promoter Score economics, and prioritize Key Accounts and demonstrate the customer programs ROI.

Experience Design

Module 6

Now, let’s build experiences with a human center perspective or create a new way to retain your customers. Next steps, create new service design, use technology to automate, and scale your customer programs and touchpoints.


Module 7

Exciting you made it to the end! The final step, the ultimate goal is to create your fan base. Use your knowledge to improve continuously, be agile, reiterate, and keep up with market changes, and kill your competition.

You can book one or all the modules to complete your CX Connector Journey.

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