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Alicia Freites

Customer Experience Specialist

CX Connector helps leaders and teams create “voice of the customer” programs, share and access siloed customer insights to compete in any market for leaders who believe in a balance between profits and human connections. As a founder, I developed the company product offering, brand, marketing, and support programs.

Before CX Connector, I collaborated as a Sales and Social Media Consultant at Tech Adaptika. During that time, I coordinated social media activities, performed social media listening, planned and coordinated online events, and provided sales and marketing planning. I also conducted business development activities in Latin America.

During my customer experience program work, I managed an online customer community, developed community governance, planned community product roadmap, executed communication, and support stakeholders to use the community effectively as a self-serve support channel. As a retention manager at Trapeze, I designed and implemented the customer program’s voice from the ground up and delivered a sustainable program within six months.

I am a customer experience specialist, a change agent, and a blogger with a mission to connect business and heart by writing about ideas, experiences, and ready to use guidance. Laughter is always welcome.

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Maria Corbi

Customer Success

I am a customer service specialist with 5 years of experience in account management in the North American market. My curiosity in connecting with our clients and partners has excel my ability to build more engaging human relationships by finding a common shared value proposition. 

After 2 years of studies and earning my Business Post-graduate Diploma in Consulting and Entrepreneurship in Toronto, Canada. I entered the Customer Experience world to explore my passion for connecting with people, solve problems, and route small businesses to expand through customer satisfaction. I joined the CX Connector team on September 2020, where I have been supporting on building the Business strategy, develop high quality business strategies to ensure their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives, build trust relations with key partners and stakeholders and act as a point of contact for important shareholders.

I will also be developing and executing CX Connector sales and marketing plans, including implementing new ideas and tools for the company.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn @mariacorby, or reach out via email at 

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