Top 4 Challenges that Customer Experience Solves

I believe there is a way to make knowledge more approachable and practical for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

My blogs attempt to make customer experience knowledge accessible with practical guidance that you can use today.

In 2018 a Forester research highlighted that the lack of alignment and integration of customer experience with the business’s vision, strategy, and performance are the leading causes for over 50% of companies failing to improve CX in their organizations. Furthermore, Forester’s same report stated that in 2021 25% of those businesses will achieve a significant advance in CX. Are you falling behind on establishing or advancing your CX capabilities?

The customer experience impacts all the business areas, whether you are B2C or B2B, or independently of your business maturity level. CX is critical to the continued growth of any business.

CX helps businesses to overcome the top 4 most common challenges.

  1. Measuring performance: Aligning customer experience and your business performance means focusing on metrics that drive outcomes and looks forward. A simple way is to start tracking your online reviews or complaints, and your sales will give you the first view, and it could predict future purchases because Word of Mouth is a great way to indicate purchase intent.
  2. Managing cashflow: the most common cash flow challenges are a low collection of receivables, the pricing is off, expenses are too high, or sales are down; there could be underlying causes to these challenges, however having a good customer experience program could help figure it out, by collecting customer feedback business owners and managers could instill a forward-looking culture. Taking into the account customer experience will help you figure out the most valuable opportunities and prioritize investments and costs. A CX consultant will help you with simple tools and templates that you could follow to make minor improvements that help you get closer to your goals.
  3. Building your brand: some of the challenges are defining your brand, making your brand consistent, and include the voice of your customers in your brand. A customer experience strategy helps business owners aligning the brand promise with a customer’s perspective by incorporating the customer into the brand values and behaviours. It creates a customer-centric culture, from outside to inside, and from top to bottom. As an example: we know that positive reviews and word of mouth are essential to building your brand; customer experience is all about aligning your brand and your customers’ expectations, reducing the gap, and improving the positive word of mouth online or offline.
  4. Delegating responsibilities: an essential element of customer experience is your employee experience, aligning your culture with your customers and employees; the key here is to hire customer focus employees in the first place; they will care as much as you do about the success of your business and your customers, for example, add people skills to your job postings, include your mission and core values, create programs to reward positive behaviours, and train continuously.

Customer experience is not a program, it requires constant improvement, and is an investment; lets me show you how. I provide ready to use guidance for EdTech professionals and entrepreneurs. A CX program doesn’t have to be complicated and technical to get your results. CX needs to be human, easy to use, and easy to adopt. Get you quick wins to justify your ROI and keep your business on track for the long term.


Published by aliciafreites5

Between art and science lies analytics. Seeing challenges as opportunities is fundamental in solving business problems. As a consultant, entrepreneur, and seasoned market researcher with over six years of experience and a reputation for success, I have the experience and knowledge to tackle any situation and find the best solution. A professional with a 'make it happen' spirit and team mentality. I create and execute campaigns - execute targeted retention campaigns- develop customer's models ( segmentation, value, etc.)-develop and present the voice of the customer reports and presentations. Link quantitative research results and net promoter score and business performance Responsible for data integrity, data analysis, and reporting of business results (sales, retention, customer experience, marketing effectiveness) Provide recommendations for business process improvement for all areas of customer experience Areas of interest: New technology, customer experience, digital marketing, sales, market research, and analytics.

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