About aliciafreites5

Between art and science lies analytics. Seeing challenges as opportunities is fundamental in solving business problems. As a consultant, entrepreneur and seasoned market researcher with over six years of experience and a reputation for success, I have the experience and knowledge to tackle any situation and find the best solution. A professional with 'make it happen' spirit and team mentality. I create and execute campaigns - execute targeted retention campaigns- develop customer's models ( segmentation, value, etc)-develop and present voice of the customer reports and presentations Link quantitative research results and net promoter score and business performance Responsible for data integrity, data analysis and reporting of business results (sales, retention, customer experience, marketing effectiveness) Provide recommendations for business process improvement for all areas of customer experience Areas of interest: Woman in tech, marketing, sales, market research and Analytic, all areas of customer experience.


CX Research is the process of collecting data regarding the rrelationship and interactions customers have with an organization.  The ears and eyes of the company, it is a crucial part of a CX program and can help companies closing the gap between the value proposition and customers’ expectations. The information collected provides insights and data, so decision-makers can take informed decisions, direct actions and build a customer-centric business model


Customers can engage in multiple ways with a brand, they expect to be served and be able to switch between different channels and media, seamless. As a result, customer expectations are higher than ever. Expecting consistent and continuous products and services with instant access, always, on any device. Companies need to align CX and Brand, Brand values and goals, and repositioning their value proposition.